HighRes Biosolutions Modularizes Lab Automation and Favors Collaborative Robotics

May 1, 2018

Life Sciences Labs Need Cobots, Not Robots

The John Henry legend, as told by Johnny Cash, not only recalls a competition between a steel-driving man and a steamdrill, it also suggests that the competition was poorly conceived: John Henry said to the steamdrill, "How is you? / Pardon me, Mister Steamdrill, I suppose you didn't hear me, huh? / Well, can you turn a jack? Can you lay a track? Can you pick and shovel, too? / Listen, this hammer-swinger is talkin' to you."

The steamdrill, a nineteenth-century machine that lacked an on-board computer, much less a human-computer interface, understandably, if tragically, failed to answer John Henry's questions. If only the steamdrill had been equipped with advanced robotics technology, the rock-drilling competition might have been avoided. A collaboration might have been arranged instead, giving John Henry the opportunity to demonstrate his jack-turning and track-laying versatility. Also—and this is no small detail—John Henry would have survived.

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