Applications: Biosafety Level 2 Screening: 6-Sided MicroStar

Biosafety Level 2 Screening

1 x Rbt Staubli Robot   1 x Cfg Automated Plate Centrifuge
3 x Mcd MicroDock   1 x Slr Automated Heat Sealer
1 x Inc HighRes SteriStore D   1 x Slr Automated Heat Seal Remover
1 x Pip HighRes MicroPin   1 x Bcr Barcode Reader
2 x Dsp Single Reagent Dispenser   2 x Lid HighRes Lid Valet
1 x Plt Automated Plate Washer   1 x Rdr Multimode Reader


This page shows a six-sided MicroStar BSL2 system. The Class II enclosure would allow screening assays using micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeast and parasites to be conducted. It could also be used for mammalian cell-based assays that require higher levels of biosafety containment, such as human plasma. The capabilities include high throughput transfer of compounds with pin tool technology (MicroPin), plate washing in high density formats (up to 1536) and environmentally controlled incubation of assay plates in the HighRes SteriStore.

System Key Advantages

Safe - Rely on a proven safe solution. With a fully certified Class II enclosure, spill and chemical resistant surfaces, and automated solid and liquid waste handling, you are in safe hands.

Accessible - Take advantage of the enclosure’s double doors to gain better access to your instruments. Undock and remove them from the enclosure for simple cleaning and maintenance activities.

Flexible - Use the docking technology to swap in new technologies that are relevant to different assays: for example replace the MicroPin with an acoustic dispenser for dose-response confirmation work

Efficient - Use Cellario to schedule additional simple tasks (such as dispense and read) that can automatically run during the long overnight incubation periods that are typical for assays in this application

More Information

HighRes has authored a peer-reviewed article on how to automate hazardous processes using flexible systems. This article appeared in the Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation (JALA) in 2009. Request a free copy.