Applications: Genomics: 9-Sided MicroStar

Sample Preparation and Analysis

1 x Rbt Staubli Robot   1 x Mix Plate Sonicator
3 x Mcd MicroDock   1 x Pip Acoustic Dispensing Device
1 x Pip Liquid Handler   1 x Slr Automated Heat Sealer
1 x Rdr High Content Imager   1 x Slr Automated Heat Seal Remover
1 x Inc HighRes SteriStore   4 x A Plate Shaker
1 x Car HighRes MicroServe  1 x Bcr Barcode Reader
2 x Dsp Single Reagent Dispenser   2 x Lid HighRes Lid Valet
1 x Plt Automated Plate Washer   1 x Cfg Automated Plate Centrifuge


This system is a 9-Sided HighRes MicroStar configured for genomic sample preparation and functional high content microscopy. This system first creates new samples for analysis by using acoustic dispensing to add siRNA or small molecule compounds into cell plates. These samples can then either be processed through extraction protocols to generate purified RNA/DNA, or run through the high content imager to determine functional readouts.

The capabilities include an acoustic dispenser (for low volume addition of siRNA and chemicals to cell plates), a liquid handler (for sample transfer and separation kit processing) and a plate sonicator to generate small fragments of DNA. The system is equipped with the accessory equipment to enable all common extraction protocols, as well as to prepare samples for high content imaging.

This workcell could be tooled for use with specific separation technologies (column, magnetic or vacuum based) depending on the customer’s preference.

System Key Advantages

Flexible - Use this system for other types of experiment formats. For example, undock the high content imager, and exchange it for a standard multimode reader to enable simple luminescence-based gene reporter assays to be processed.

Accessible - Get better access to your devices. The liquid handler is placed on a device turntable that can be rotated 180 degrees (even during a run) to allow you to exchange or top-up volatile extraction kit reagents.

Sustainable - Adapt to future developments in extraction technologies. As chemistries improve and throughputs increase it may be necessary to purchase new instrumentation for your system. These new devices can be placed on carts and docked into this existing system.