Applications: Genomics: NanoCell

Real Time PCR

1 x Rbt Denso Robot   1 x Slr Automated Plate Sealer
3 x Mcd MicroDock   1 x Cfg Automated Plate Centrifuge
1 x Pip Liquid Handler   1 x Bcr Barcode Reader
1 x Car HighRes NanoServe   1 x Rdr Thermal Cycler


This system is a HighRes NanoCell configured for Real Time PCR processing. The NanoCell first assembles reaction plates; the liquid handler transfers genomic DNA from source plates, and then adds Master Mix and Primer solutions. The assembled plate is then sealed and centrifuged prior to loading into the Thermal Cycler. Upon completion, the cycled plate is outputted into the HighRes NanoServe.

With an industrial arm at its center, this NanoCell guarantees that highly valuable genomic material will be processed to completion.

System Key Advantages

Flexible - Share the system with another discipline within your company (e.g. secondary screening), to lessen the capital purchase impact. The NanoCell’s three docking stations can be treated as a blank canvas - and populated with the relevant device carts depending on which group needs to use it.

Accessible - Get better access to your devices. The Thermal Cycler is on a device turntable that can be rotated 180 degrees (even during a run) to allow you to perform manual experiments to optimise your PCR conditions.

Sustainable - Adapt to future developments in real time PCR technologies by purchasing extra MicroCarts for novel instrumentation. These can then be docked into the existing platform.