Applications: Genomics

Our ability to analyze and understand the human genome continues to expand. One of the challenges now facing research groups is to continue to map and de-convolute our genetic blueprint into functional end-points that can be used to develop new agents to cure human diseases. New developments in technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing, RNA interference, and Real time PCR are all enabling this process. As these approaches mature and become more amenable to automation, Genomics groups are routinely utilizing effective automation solutions to keep pace.

Why Should I Choose HighRes for Genomics?

We have configured example systems to demonstrate the key advantages we offer for Genomics applications.

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  • Next Gen Sequencing Library Preparation
MicroServe with ACell
MicroServe with ACell
  • Next Gen Sequencing Library Preparation
  • Real-time PCR

9 star
9-Sided MicroStar

  • siRNA transfection
  • DNA/RNA Extraction
  • High content imaging
  • Reporter Gene Assays