Next Gen Sequencing Library Preparation

Next Gen Sequencing Library Preparation

Enhancing Workstation Productivity
Next Gen Sequencing Library Preparation

Many laboratories use automated liquid handlers to perform library preparation for NGS. But, preparing a library for Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) with any type of automation platform can consume a large number of plates, tips, or sample prep consumables. Traditional workstations have been limited in productivity by the relatively small consumable storage capacity of a workstation or have had to make due with slow, large footprint labware storage devices.

At HighRes, we have the key to maximizing the productivity potential of any automated NGS library preparation system. Using our capabilities in integration and automated storage devices, our systems can help keep your automated NGS system in operation as much as possible and dramatically increase your walk away time and throughput.


Next Gen Sequencing Library Preparation

Stores the largest amount of labware/floor space
Next Gen Sequencing Library Preparation

For NGS library preparation, the MicroServe automated labware stacker is designed to get as much labware in as small a footprint as possible to help conserve your precious lab space. Using less than 3 cubic meters, you can store over 1000 high density plates or more than 150 deep well plates or tip boxes using nested tips. This unprecedented level of labware storage capability can allow you to have all the labware you need for unattended and overnight operations.

Fast operation with labware inventory scanning capability
Next Gen Sequencing Library Preparation

HighRes' MicroServe offers one of the fastest sequential access, highest density storage device for labware found on the market today. Not only can this device store your consumables and deliver them very quickly to your system, but it is fully equipped to perform labware inventory scans and instantly provide you with information on the status of your labware.


Choose or expand your level of automation

Whether you are looking to improve the productivity of an existing NGS automation system or looking to automate NGS sample preparation for the first time, HighRes has a solution for you. Our MicoServe can be interfaced with the liquid handler of your choice and added to an already operational system for library preparation. Adding an ACell robotic arm to the MicroServe gives you even more capabilities and allows you to turn your workstation into a truly integrated, automated NGS system with productivity that vastly exceeds a simple workstation set up. Upgrading larger NGS automation systems with these potent devices can also be readily accommodated.


Next Gen Sequencing Library Preparation

Key Features
Very large labware storage capacity
Upgrade existing or new NGS systems
Exceptional speed
Compact footprint
Scalable with Robotic Arm
Labware inventory capability
Convenient Ethernet connection


Next Gen Sequencing Library Preparation



Dimensions (HxWxL): 889mm x 787mm x 889mm
(35in x 31in x 35in)
Capacity: 14 hotels
    1120 1536-well plates
    770 96/384-well plates
    154 deep-well/tip boxes
Power: 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Communications: Ethernet
Weight: 61 kgs (135lbs) when empty
Weight: 61 kgs (135lbs) when empty
Software: Cellario or Cellario Connect


Horizontal reach: 576-731 mm
Vertical reach: 400-1240 mm
Precision: +/- 0.2 mm
Plate Weight: Up to 0.5 kg
Power 120/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Communication: Ethernet

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