Applications: High Throughput Screening: Dual 9-Sided MicroStar

Factory Screening

2 x Rbt Staubli Robot
13 x Mcd MicroDock
3 x Inc HighRes SteriStore D
1 x Car HighRes AmbiStore D
1 x Car HighRes MicroServe
2 x Pip Acoustic Dispensing Device
3 x Rdr Multimode Reader
4 x Dsp Multi Reagent Dispenser
2 x Plt Automated Plate Washer
4 x Cfg Automated Plate Centrifuge
2 x Knf HighRes MicroBlast
2 x Slr Automated Heat Sealer
2 x Slr Automated Heat Seal Remover
2 x Bcr Barcode Reader
4 x Lid HighRes Lid Valet
1 x Connector


This system is a dual 9-sided HighRes MicroStar configured for factory-mode High Throughput Screening (HTS). This two robot system would be the core automation platform for a HTS group’s operations. It is equipped with a wide range of instrumentation compatible with the majority of today’s high throughput assay technologies. The capabilities include acoustic dosing of compounds, low volume multi-reagent dispensing and plate reading with multimode readers.

System Key Advantages

Flexible - Use docking technology to set the system up appropriately for the next campaign. For example, swap out the multimode readers for high content imagers for a cell-based assay.

Economical - Minimise revalidation work - undock an instrument for assay development, then plug the very same unit back into the system for screening

Accessible - Use HighRes device turntables to get safe access to your instruments mid-run - for simple maintenance, or for reagent swapping

Adaptable - Use Cellario, HighRes’ scheduling software, to run complete protocols across the whole system (for initial full library screening), or, if appropriate, split the two MicroStars into functional units for running separate follow-up/validation screens

Efficient - Use Cellario’s latest features (device pooling strategies, critical timings and decision nodes) to build intelligent contingencies into your high throughput screening system