Applications: High Throughput Screening: NanoCell

Dispense and Read

1 x Rbt Denso Robot   1 x Cfg Automated Plate Centrifuge
3 x Mcd MicroDock   1 x Rdr Microplate CCD Imager  
1 x Car HighRes AmbiStore D   1 x Bcr Barcode Reader
1 x Dsp Multi Reagent Dispenser   1 x Lid HighRes Lid Valet
1 x Car HighRes NanoServe          


This system is a HighRes NanoCell configured for high throughput reagent dispensing and plate reading. The uses for this system include adding a detection reagent to a stopped assay, and then reading on a microplate CCD imager. The use of docking technology allows a variety of different reading technologies (e.g. Viewlux, FLIPR, Acumen) to be quickly swapped in and out of the system. With an industrial robot arm at its center, this NanoCell guarantees that highly valuable assay plates will be processed to completion.

System Key Advantages

Reconfigurable - Use the docks to plug in the appropriate reading technology for your experiment. The other readers that are not currently docked can be powered offline for assay development, or docked into a second HighRes system to ensure the maximum use of all items.

Flexible - Use MicroCarts to transfer carousels full of partially-processed assay plates from a larger HighRes screening platform to this system. Complete the processing of the plates on this NanoCell, and free up the larger system for more complex tasks.

Adaptable - Use the docks to reconfigure this screening NanoCell with liquid handling devices to enable simple plate reformatting tasks to be performed