Applications: The HighRes Way

adme bsl2 Cell Based Assays Compound Delivery Compound Storage
Biosafety Level 2 Screening
Cell Based Assays
Compound Delivery
Compound Storage
genomics HCS HTS SS SS
High Content Screening
High Throughput Screening
Mass Spec Screening
Secondary Screening

HighRes’ modular system design means you can easily configure (and reconfigure) your system for virtually any application. Just plug in the right devices (using MicroCarts and MicroDocks), set up your run (using Cellario, our dynamic scheduler) and you’re off and running.

Modularity means you can run different assays or different applications just by docking the instruments you need in seconds! Modularity means you can keep up with changing technologies by adding new instruments to your system quickly and easily. Add capacity or throughput just by docking bigger stores or more instruments.

Browse just a few examples of how we can apply our modular systems.