Applications: Mass Spec Screening

For years, bringing the analytical power of Mass Spectrometry to high throughput screening operations has been a difficult, if not impossible proposition. Now, HighRes Biosolutions, in conjunction with our partners Bruker and TTP Labtech, have finally broken down the wall between Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry!

The MALDI PharmaPulse incorporates the powerful and unique label free detection capabilities of Mass Spectrometry, but delivers all the speed, utility, and efficiency demanded by HT operations.

Why should I choose MALDI PharmaPulse?

Click on any of the system components of the MALDI PharmaPulse below to learn more about their operation.

1. autoflex speed™ MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer (Bruker)

High performance MALDI Mass Spectrometer which detects biomolecules in the low nM range

2. ACell™ robotic arm (HighRes Biosloutions)

Manipulates plates and MALDI targets and integrates assay with the Mass Spectrometer

3. PicoServe™ plate carousel (High Res Biosolutions)

Stores up to 48 assay or MALDI Target plates

4. mosquito® HTS liquid handling robot (TTP Labtech)

Dispenses nL to uL volumes of assay and MALDI reagents in high density formats

5. LidValet™ delidding hotel (HighRes Biosolutions)

Manages plate lidding and de-lidding operations

6. Cellario™ dynamic scheduling software (HighRes Biosolutions)

Controls the entire system operation

How the MALDI PharmaPulse Works

The MALDI PharmaPulse utilizes MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry to directly measure molecular level changes in target molecules and the effect of compounds of interest on those changes, without the need for labels or probes. MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry is a sensitive and specific label free detection technique which requires minimal sample preparation and is not subject to interferences from complex assay matrices.

MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometry mechanism:

• Samples are spotted onto "MALDI Targets"
• Spots are coated with organic matrix and dried
• MALDI Target is placed in Mass Spec
• Spots are lazed with a laser beam to ionize molecules
• Ionized molecules are pulled into the Mass Spec
• Size of molecules is determined by how long it takes them to get to detector
• Changes in the mass of a one or more molecules are detected

MALDI PharmaPulse Workflow

The MALDI PharmaPulse is designed to completely integrate and automate every aspect of screening with Mass Spectrometry from assay to analysis on to report generation. Unlike previous attempts at using Mass Spectrometry for screening, the potent MALDI PharmaPulse is a fully integrated system that links together the assay and Mass Spec analysis in a way never before seen.

Using a ratiometric approach to measuring changes in substrates, intermediates, or products, along with an internal standard, MALDI-TOF screening exhibits good quantitation capabilities as well as excellent accuracy, precision and reproducibility over a good dynamic range.

MALDI PharmaPulse Performance

• Fully automated and Integrated system All aspects of screening from sample to assay to report are completely integrated and automated. Simply load your assay components into the system and press go.
• <1 sec/sample analysis time The combination of high speed liquid handling and ultrafast Mass Spec detection analyze samples at unprecedented speed comparable to optical detection.
• > 100,000 sample/day throughput Utilizing a 48 screening plate capacity carousel and automated operation, very large numbers of samples can be screened without the need for human intervention.
• Label free assays The use of Mass Spectrometry for detection obviates the need for expensive and often hard to obtain labels or probes whie providing multiplex assay analysis capabilities.
• Small assay volume The use of precious compounds, assay reagents, and solvents is minimized with the ultrasmall assay volume (<1 ul/sample) requirement of the MALDI PharmaPulse .
• Minimal assay sample prep Unlike other LCMS techniques that require extensive sample prep and can suffer from sample matrix interferences, the MALDI PhannaPulse requires no sample prep. The system can readily analyze compounds even in complex protien or salt containilg matrices.