Maldi PharmaPulse

MALDI Pharma PulseTM

Screen Smarter and Faster

The MALDI PharmaPulse incorporates the powerful and unique label free detection capabilities of Mass Spectrometry, but delivers all the speed, utility, and efficiency demanded by HT operations.

MALDI PharmaPulse enables researchers to:

  • Screen novel targets at unmatched speed
  • Provide better quality screening results
  • Perform assays without the need for labels
  • Quickly and very cost effectively develop
    and implement screening assays

The system is simple to use and can be easily operated by everyone from Mass Spec experts to someone new to Mass Spectrometry.

Powerful Screen Novel Drug Targets

With the advent of MALDI PharmaPulse , the analytical detection power of Mass Spectrometry can finally be unleashed for screening operations. MALDI PharmaPulse allows screening against entirely new molecules and classes of drug targets such as kinases, phosphatases, lipases, hydrolases, cyclases etc that have been difficult or impossible to test before.

*Data courtesy of M. Ritorto and M. Trost; University of Dundee; Dundee, UK

Improved Better Quality Information

Stop compromising information quality and specificity for speed and throughput. With MALDI PharmaPulse when screening for protein function or inhibitors of enzyme function, MALDI PharmaPulse can not only identify active compounds, but can also provide information regarding the mechanism of action or inhibition of a target or compound of interest. Performing single well kinetic measurements is also easily done with the low volume using MALDI PharmaPulse. To add to the depth of information provided, assays may be multiplexed with up to five targets measured simultaneously.


*Data courtesy of M. Ritorto and M. Trost; University of Dundee; Dundee, UK

Freedom Fast, Label Free Assays

One of the biggest advantages to using Mass Spectrometry as a screening technology is the ability to measure multiple molecules without the need for difficult to develop or costly detection reagents and probes. MALDI PharmaPulse combines the label fee assay detection capability of Mass Spectrometry with full workflow integration and automation. Capable of delivering multiplex information in less than 1 second/sample with label free detection, the system is easily able to cope with the demands of a typical screening operation.

Minimized Extremely Cost Effective

The most expensive portion of any screening assay is typically the cost of reagents needed to perform the assay. MALDI PharmaPulse takes assay costs to an astoundingly low level by taking advantage of the almost reagent less Mass Spec detection technology. When compared with even today’s highly miniaturized assays, MALDI PharmaPulse can still deliver cost/test results that far exceed traditional screening assays while matching and often exceeding them in throughput.

Comparison of Time, Cost and Throughput of MALDI PharmaPulse with other screening techniques


MALDI PharmaPulse >>

   200K   1s/well   225 plates / 86,400   3 days
   200K   7.5s/well (Rapidfire)   30 plates / 11,520   20 days
   200K   15s/well (4x multiplex)   15 plates / 5,760   40 days
   200K   20s/well (4x multiplex)   11 plates / 4,224   54 days
   200K   25s/well (4x multiplex)   9 plates / 3,456   64 days


   MALDI    10    4    22 mins    $30
   TR-FRET    20*    2    7 mins    $69
   LC/MS    15-20    3    500 mins    $384

To inquire about access to the MALDI PharmaPulse, please contact your local HighRes Biosolutions, Bruker, or TTP Labtech sales representative.

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