Plate WeighTM

Precision Automated Scale

Verify Add confidence in your process

Use the PlateWeigh to monitor the accuracy and precision of liquid dispenses or transfers in almost any process. The PlateWeigh incoporates a precision laboratory scale that provides microgram level weighing accuracy to give you a true indication of overall liquid handler performance. Whether you’re changing liquids, writing a new liquid class, or QCing a sample collection, the PlateWeigh allows you to confirm the validity of your liquid handling.

Streamline Arrive at your destination on time

Taking a reading with PlateWeigh is so quick that you can easily add a verification step or even several liquid handling QC checks to your process without slowing down your assay. PlateWeigh incorporates an automated door that isolates the scale to facilitate quick re-equilibration and prevents interferences with weighing operations.

Simplify Just what you need

When all you need to test your liquid dispensing is a quick check, you don’t want to add a time consuming step to your process that also overwhelms your LIMS with extraneous and unwanted data. PlateWeigh outputs only a single precise result. You’ll rest easy knowing that you’re controlling a key variable in your assay and be assured that your liquid handling technology is performing as expected.

Key Features:

  • Fully enclosed automated weighing chamber
  • Superior weighing accuracy and precision
  • Exceptional speed
  • Compact footprint
  • Convienient Ethernet connection


Dimensions (H x W x L) 251 x 235 x 282 mm
  (10in x 9in x 11in)
Power 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Scale Weight Capacity Up to 520 grams
Measurement Time 0.6 sec
Scale Precision +/- 1 mg
Communications Ethernet
Weight (empty) 8.5 kg (19 lbs)

Download the PlateWeigh brochure.