Technical Symposia

June 9, 2016

Broad Institute, Cambridge MA

Technical Symposia

The recent Lab Automation Trends Symposium on June 9th at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts was an outstanding success with a large crowd and several outstanding speakers presenting their latest results and experiences with lab automation. In case you were unable to attend the event, the presentations from the symposium are now available for you to download including:

Evolution of HTS Automation at the Broad Institute"
Jean Santos; The Broad Institute

"Relating Automation to Organism Engineers"
Jeff Lou; Ginkgo Bioworks

"Technology Integration in Drug Discovery"
Bill Janzen; Epizyme Technologies

Click here to download the presentation.

We look forward to putting together this series of talks to bring you the latest technical presentations in laboratory automation and hope to see you at the next event. Please check the Event Calendar page for updates on the next in the series of symposium occurring across the US and Europe throughout the remainder of 2016.


Technical Symposia