Technical Symposia

Lab Automation Trends - Frankfurt, Germany
Friday, November 18, 2016

65929 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Technical Symposia


This year's Central Europe Lab Automation Trends event on November 18th was an outstanding success with a large crowd and several outstanding speakers. The keynote presentations highlighted some of the latest user results and experiences with lab automation. Thank you to all the attendees and speakers for taking the time to attend this exceptional event and participate in a variety of discussions with their colleagues.

In case you were unable to attend the event, many of the presentations are now available for you to download including:

"Novel Optical Methods to Monitor GPCR Activation"
Dr. Isabella Maiellaro, University of Wuerzburg, Institute of Pharmacology

"One Lab, Three Stars-Examples of the Interface Between Liquid Handlers and Databases in Genomic DNA and PCR Analysis"
Mr. Heiko Cziudaj, Taconic Biosciences GmbH, Koln, Germany 

"Taking HTS to the Next Level: Design of a Flexible and High Capacity System"
Mr. Ron Geurts, Pivot Park Screening Centre, Oss, Netherlands 

"Cancer Metabolism and Metabolite Sensing G Protein-Coupled Receptors"
Dr. Claudia Stäubert, Rudolf-Schönheimer Institut für Biochemie, Universität Leipzig 

Click here to download the presentations.

We look forward to putting together this series of talks to bring you the latest technical presentations in laboratory automation and hope to see you at the next event. Please check the Event Calendar page for updates on the next in the series of symposium occurring across the US and Europe.