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HighRes Bio featured in Robotics Tomorrow article: Using Modular and Mobile Robotic Solutions in The Biotech Industry

Our approach is to drive modularity and mobility into the core system architecture so that the automation is less static and monolithic, and can adapt to the changing nature of scientific research.

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Pivot Park

The Pivot Park Screening Screening Centre in Oss, the Netherlands have worked with HighRes Biosolutions to deploy a very sophisticated high throughput Screening and Compound Management system. The system is capable of performing a variety of HTS assays very efficiently and can be readily reconfigured to maximize overall system utilization, capability and throughput. In this video series, scientists at Pivot Park describe the capabilities of the system and how they worked with HighRes to design and implement the system.

Pivot Park

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HighRes Bio systems for Genetic Testing featured in a video news segment from the TechCrunch Network.

Scientists and Engineers at Counsyl, a South San Francisco genetic testing company, have integrated HighRes lab automation instrumentation to facilitate the DNA Screening of prospective or expectant parents for genetic disorders. These automation systems are enabling Counsyl to efficiently and effectively provide their clients with important advanced knowledge about both their own genome and that of their children. This genetic information can give both people and healthcare providers valuable insight into the treatment and prevention of disease.

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HighRes Bio featured in news video segment from the Orlando Sentinel: Sanford-Burnham, Takeda to explore new heart failure drug

Local scientists are embarking on a research project in hopes of finding a new drug for treating heart failure. Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute at Lake Nona has a struck a two-year partnership with Japanese pharmaceutical giant Takeda to explore new ways of slowing down and possibly reversing the disease.

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Television, Newspaper, and Internet Campaign

Bank of America selected only two businesses in New England to feature in this national campaign, which can be seen on network television, as well as online, and in newspapers such as the Boston Globe. HighRes is featured as one of Bank of America’s thriving, growing clients, doing innovative things with robotics to help researchers find cures for diseases.

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Tanked Television Show (Season 2, Episode 2)

HighRes customers and staff know President and Co-founder Lou Guarracina is really into his live coral and fish tanks, and is always looking for ways to combine his passion for automation and aquatic life. So HighRes teamed up with Wade and Brett at Acrylic Tank Manufacturers, the stars of the Animal Planet reality series Tanked, to create the world’s only robotic aquarium.

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Tanked on Animal Planet!