Prime offers users various accessories to achieve a multitude of assays. Whether you are performing NGS sample prep, ELISA, cell culture and any cell based assays, Prime allows you to perform your work and reconfigure based on your project needs.

Prime Heads and Tips
96MC, 70 ul head 0.4 ul 70 ul 30 ul
70 ul
96MC, 220 ul head 1 ul 220 ul 220 ul
96MC, 1 mL head 5 ul 1 ml 1 mL
384MC, 70 ul 0.4 ul 70 ul 30 ul
70 ul

* All HighRes tips can come in sterile, sterile/filtered, and nested

We also offer you a wide array of inter-changeable accessories. From temperature controlled stations, shakers, tip wash stations, auto-fill reservoirs, and magnet stations, you will have confidence in knowing you can successfully perform your assays without worry.