Exceptionally Dynamic Scheduling Software

Run Analyzer

Before you start loading expensive labware and reagents into your system, you can evaluate your protocol’s throughput, efficiency, and accuracy. Run Analyzer simulates experiments created in the Protocol Designer and populated with labware in the Order Designer step.

Maximize throughput and device utilization using quantitative data

Cellario’s Run Analyzer gives you the tools to make the right decisions regarding your methods before you click ‘start’. It’s much more than just Gantt Charts. Run Analyzer arms you with data on device utilization, optimization strategies, and other powerful tools.

Optimize and validate your protocol aided by statistical data

Through the use of both qualitative and quantitative data tools, you can now visualize and manipulate your protocol. Adjust your protocol and visualize the effects of minor or major changes. Evaluate how each plate is processed, operation-by-operation, minute-by-minute. Zoom in on a specific protocol section. Cellario’s Run Analyzer provides you with the ability to use quantitative statistically relevant data to not only manipulate your protocols, but also analyze device utilization within a given method. You have the power to determine a preferred system configuration prior to performing a live run.

Use results from prior runs for precise simulations of sample processing time

While running a protocol for the first time, Cellario tracks how long each operation takes. That means you can do a dry run to record exact timings and precisely simulate your protocol before you load reagents, labware, and cells to the system.

With Run Analyzer, timings recorded from actual runs give you,
the user, all of the information needed to optimize your process. That means no surprises, more dependable timings, and no wasted reagents, labware, and cells.

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