Cellario 3.2

CellarioTM 3.2

What's New for You

Cellario 3.2 provides a number of new features compared with earlier Cellario versions and represents a significant advance in both software utility and system control. Incorporating many features requested by Cellario users, Cellario 3.2 is designed to add functionality without adding complexity. This upgrade streamlines and simplifies the user experience, and provides an even more powerful tool set to utilize for automation system control. Some of the key features that Cellario 3.2 adds are:

Cellario 3.2

Native Scripting Capabilities

• Write scripts that build intelligence into their system

       Advanced Protocol Behavior
           Prime devices, Test readers, Discard plates, Read data, etc.

       Sophisticated Error Recovery
           Get new tips, activate error pop-up, dump waste, etc.
           Script library of common functions is available


Protocol Flow Gates

• Create a bottleneck in a protocol to specify the number of plates that can enter a specified part of a Cellario protocol

       Prevent Deadlocks

       Management of time critical steps

       Better utilization of system resources

Cellario 3.2


Thread Merging and Compression

       Compress Cellario threads for repeated operations

       Create a relationship between a defined ratio of plates (i.e: 4 to 1)
           Threads compressed into 1 thread for the operation instead of 1 thread/plate


Advanced Plate and Lid Manipulation

       Plates and lids can now be handled separately
           Plates can start lidded or de-lidded
           Lids can be held, stacked, or re-used

       Multipart plates can be manipulated
           Transwell plates (>2 pieces/plate)

       Plates can be reused (Plate Looping)

Cellario 3.2


Cellario 3.2 also provides a number of user
convenience enhancements including:

       Specified E-mail recipients
           Define who receives what notifications

       Device Driver GUI Redesign
           Operational parameters on drop down menus

       Searching capability in Protocol Designer


How to Get an Upgrade to Cellario 3.2

Getting a Cellario 3.2 upgrade is easy. Just contact your local HighRes representative and we’ll work you into the schedule. We’ll handle all the work associated with the upgrade and then show you how to access the new features that have been enabled. You have to do nothing except listen, learn and enjoy your new capabilities!

Download the Cellario 3.2 new features brochure.

Cellario 3.2
Cellario 3.2