Cellario Connect

Cellario ConnectTM

Mobile Lab Automation Control

One of the drawbacks of working with a lab automation system is that to control the system, you have to have physical access to the computer that is controlling the system operation. While this can be done on a networked computer, it can become a real productivity issue for using a lab automation system.

If you’re somewhere without immediate access to a computer you have no way to control or check the status of your automation system.

Now, HighRes has built upon our legacy of flexible, innovative lab automation system design to create Cellario Connect. This new App is an extension of Cellario™ system control software and allows you to control and monitor your system from a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet. This gives users a whole new kind of flexibility and enables them to have full, real time system control while on the go. Cellario Connect provides:


Extend Expand your capabilities

Cellario Connect is designed as an extension of HighRes’ powerful Cellario instrument control software. This software application communicates with your Cellario controlled lab automation system and allows you to control and monitor your lab automation system from a mobile device. Equipped with an extremely useful dashboard feature, Cellario Connect gives you instant access to key system control and operating parameters at a glance. Fully compatible with both iPhone™ and Android™ devices, Cellario Connect gives you the capability to control your lab automation system wherever you may be.


Produce Work no matter where you are

With Cellario Connect, as long as you have a connection to your network, you are connected to your lab automation system. Whether you’re across the lab, in the next building or stuck in a meeting, you can control or check the status of your automation system or samples. Use Cellario Connect to schedule an assay, monitor the progress of an ongoing protocol or check to see if your latest assay is complete all at your fingertips on your mobile device.

Modulate Make Real Time Changes

Sometimes, the results or demands of a screening operation require quick action. Whether you need to perform a reflexive secondary screen or a follow up assay, with Cellario Connect you’ll be able to respond quickly to the latest data or requests for assays at a moments notice. Now, using this application, you’ll be able to readily respond to urgent requests or improve the efficiency of your screening operations as you no longer even have to be in the lab to control your lab automation.



Key Features

  • Control automation system operations with a mobile device
  • Monitor the status of automation systems and devices remotely
  • Useful single screen dashboard style operation
  • Compatible with iPhone or Android devices
  • Automatically syncs with system control Cellario software


OS Compatibility: iPhone or Android phone or tablet devices
Connectivity: Requires network connection to Cellario
  system control software
System Control
Schedule runs; Start and Stop runs; Monitor
  status of systems, devices, and samples;
  Control system and device functions

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