Exceptionally Dynamic Scheduling Software

Run Control

Run Control is Cellario’s mission control center. It’s where hardware, software, and science meet in perfect unison, creating a whole new approach for system control. From the Run Control, you have absolute power to start orders (live or in simulation), drive your system’s instruments, and determine the state of specific labware. Here you can use any device in manual mode, while the system is running, without disrupting that run.

When you’re done you can hand that device back to the robot. Mechanical sensors on the device’s table and intelligent software combine to truly know when the robot can use that device.

Monitor and manipulate how a plate is processed—on-the-fly

Adjust a protocol after it has started without aborting or starting from scratch. Cellario’s Active Plate Editor allows you to alter your protocol plate-by-plate while it’s running. Tweak incubation times, run a different reader protocol, alter dispense volumes, or remove a plate entirely. Any parameter for any operation in your protocol can be altered on-the fly. Active Plate Editor gives you the ability to run an experiment within an experiment.

Recover from any error, from device communication glitches to total system power loss.

Errors occur on any automated system. It’s a matter of fact. So we’ve made Cellario dependable in combating them. Cellario’s error recovery tools allow you to address everything from mundane system setup issues to total power loss. In each case, you have the ability to recover a run from the point of failure thus saving your precious time, samples and reagents. Your robot will keep you updated about its operational status via e-mails or SMS. You can even configure Cellario to automatically respond to common error messages or ignore them altogether.

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