LIMS Integration

LIMS Integration

Technical Details

Information Flow using Cellario Services

LIMS Integration


Cellario Services and Cellario Order Broker Core Functionality

Data Querying and Modifying

With Cellario Services, you can ask Cellario about any of its known data and data types. You can even interact with these data types over the API. For example, you can use the API to synchronize your Cellario Labware Types with a centralized company dictionary.


Using the API and Cellario Order Broker you are able to create Orders in any fashion you want. This can be a fully explicit order where you define the exact location of each piece of labware, or you can take advantage of Cellario’s Order Templates and order in batches. You can also leverage Cellario and storage devices barcode scanning to perform ordering by barcode and inventory management over this API. There are no limits to how you can integrate Cellario with your enterprise workflow with our Ordering API.

System Status and Control

Using Cellario Services gives you complete and total control over your lab automation systems. Whether you want to start, stop, pause or merely monitor your system, it’s all available to you. Not only can you control your entire system, but you can also control any device on your system through our standard APIs. Finally, you can use the software to build your own customized System Dashboard just the way you want it.


We want to keep you in the loop…but only for the things that you want to know about. To do this and avoid flooding you with a lot of useless information to forage through, Cellario Services encompasses Cellario Event API. Cellario Event API allow you to subscribe to one or more events and filter these events to your desired level of discretion. Are you interested in being notified whenever an Order State changes or whenever a plate is read? No problem. The Cellario Event API stores all events that occur on the system. It exposes these events to be easily queried so you can retrieve a full history at any time or build your own UIs/dashboard. You can also subscribe/unsubscribe to any events for a specific data stream of your own. We’ve made it really easy to let you focus on the signal and ignore the noise.

File Access

Cellario Services also exposes access to data over the two most commonly used Web Services Implementation Protocols: REST and SOAP services. This approach simplifies the ability to access your data files without having to deal with Windows permissions and shares.

Communication Layer


We’ve exposed our data access to both REST and SOAP to support cutting edge, emerging development groups as well as well-established enterprise development teams. We have enabled clients to use either of these to give you the freedom of choice and flexibility to choose your own path. Both interfaces offer the same exact set of functionality and capability. In both approaches, we’ve chosen to use contract definitions to facilitate the development of client tools. In the world of SOAP, this is represented by a WSDL (Web Services Description Language) and in the world of REST, this is represented by a RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language). The goal is to provide standardized documentation and the ability to auto-generate clients against our interface contracts in your protocol/architecture of choice.


Cellario Services once again allows you to choose how you’d like to interface your data reporting with your LIMS in providing you access to use either JSON or XML.


An important part of Cellario Services is to insure a level of security commiserate with the needs of our clients. We’ve leveraged our expertise in building safe systems and enterprise applications to build a completely secure API set. Please ask us for details on how we satisfy your enterprise security and safety needs.

Download the LIMS Integration brochure.