LIMS Integration

LIMS Integration

Cellario Services and Cellario Order Broker

For years, HighRes has dealt with the integration of Cellario™ system control software with a wide range of LIMS. Each of these integrations has been in effect a customized software solution. In the course of this work, HighRes has assembled a secure set of APIs (Application Program Interface) that allow Cellario to be integrated with whichever LIMS you may use.

HighRes has been using these Cellario Services and Cellario Order Broker for some time now with both our standard and mobile software platforms and they are so useful when integrating with LIMS that we’ve decided to make them available to everyone so that you too can enjoy the benefits of this package for LIMS integration including:

• Real Time Information
• User Empowerment
• Freedom of Choice

Information Flow using Cellario Services and Cellario Order Broker

LIMS Integration


Real Time Information

From initial LIMS request to order generation to sample processing to final experimental results, all information and data can now be freely shared between LIMS and the automation system operation software platform. This direct integration significantly reduces the time and resources required to manage the information integral to the operation of any organization using laboratory automation and LIMS.


User Empowerment

The new modules are designed to quickly and easily guide users through the process of migrating the desired work from their LIMS to their laboratory automation system. These modules also help eliminate tedious and error prone manual data manipulation that is often required for communication or synchronization between LIMS and laboratory automation systems.


Freedom of Choice

Cellario Order Broker and Cellario Services have utilized our past knowledge to create a standardized package for virtually any LIMS that solves the software communication and data flow issue that many labs face. Cellario Services exposes access to data over the two most commonly used Web Services Implementation Protocols: REST and SOAP services. This enables clients to use either of these to give you the freedom of choice and flexibility to choose your own path and simplifies the ability to access your data files without having to deal with Windows permissions and shares.

LIMS Integration Technical Details

Download the LIMS Integration brochure.