Exceptionally Dynamic Scheduling Software

Order Designer

A protocol is an abstract automated experiment. Use a protocol to build an order, a single instance of that process with associated labware quantities, types, and storage positions. Cellario’s distinction between process (protocol) and day-to-day practice (orders) gives you more freedom to experiment.

Visualize & utilize all your storage positions

Cellario ensures you’ll never put plates in the wrong incubator or send two plates to the same storage position. Cellario’s Order Designer unambiguously displays all of your storage utilization at the start of each run so you can manage your carousels, incubators, freezers, and stackers visually. You can create an order, start it, and walk away knowing your samples will be stored properly and taken care of.

Define labware type, quantity, and storage locations for each run of a protocol

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can tell your system where to find hundreds of plates and tipboxes and where to put them after the experiment is over. Because a protocol doesn’t rigidly define labware quantities and locations, you can use different plates and storage resources every time you run it.

Re-run heavily used orders in seconds

If you run the same experiment every day, how much time do you spend configuring (and re-configuring) your automated system to run the same process it ran yesterday? Cellario’s Order Templates eliminate this unnecessary hassle. Now, you can save storage and labware configurations for your protocols and re-run them in seconds. You simply enter a plate quantity and press Start. Spend more time analyzing data instead of wrestling the robot and struggling with software.

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