Exceptionally Dynamic Scheduling Software

Protocol Designer

Your first interaction with your automated system is through our software, and we made sure it’s an enjoyable experience. Protocol designer is your first step in telling your robotic system what to do.

Turn your science into a recipe for your robot to follow

Build your experiment graphically by turning your lab notebook into a flow diagram. Intuitive icons represent each step the robot will take when processing your samples. Cellario guides you through entering the details of each step. Protocol Designer is so straightforward that users can write and run a complex protocol in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks.

Visualize your experiment with intuitive icons

With every design decision, we’ve endeavored to make the Protocol Designer approachable. Clean, sensible icons make it easy to see what’s happening in your experiment and how labware and instruments are related and pooled.

Automate almost any workflow, no matter how complex

With its graphical interface and intuitive icons that new users can immediately understand, Cellario takes the pain out of turning your science into software. Device drivers enable you to harness the full capabilities of the instruments on your system through a simplified,
consistent interface.

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