MicroDock gives you connections to power, Ethernet communications, compressed air and gases.

Electrical/Ethernet connector
Gas connector
Alignment features

To HighRes, a module is virtually any lab instrument on a MicroCart.   Now you can roll your instrument around. Why would you want to do that? Why wouldn’t you?

Labcyte Echo on MicroCart
PerklnElmer ViewLux on MicroCart
HighResMicroServe on MicroCart
Power, communications, and gas connectors that lock to MicroDock
Instruments plug into standard sockets on MicroCart

The Modular Lab

Build a laboratory robotics and automation platform that is as dynamic as your research.

  • Change readers daily for different assays if you need to — it only takes a few seconds. Or move a key device from system to system as needed.

  • Move hundreds of sample plates from a freezer to a system — in a few seconds.

  • Pull a failed device offline for repair and replace it with a new one — again, in a few seconds.

It's all possible with MicroCarts and MicroDocks.

Sample Management:
  • Deploy copies of entire libraries
  • Distribute subsets on demand
Stand-alone MicroDocks:
  • Use instruments offline for assay development, manual use and servicing
Reconfigure systems on-demand with new readers, dispensers, etc.
Link different parts of your process effortlessly

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