Protection for People, Assays, and Samples

Safety first Protect people, assays, and samples

Keeping yourself and your assays protected can be of the utmost importance. You now have a partner that can provide you with solutions to protect your samples (e.g., positive pressure enclosures), your scientists (e.g., negative pressure enclosures), or both. You also have the ability to control temperature, gas and humidity levels within your HighRes automated system. For those of you performing light sensitive assays, you have options as well, with either tinted glass or LightSmart enclosures.

Any size, any shape
Enclose a device or a whole room

HighRes enclosures can be built to fit your needs and your requirements. Whether you want to enclose a single device or an entire system, by working with HighRes you can rest assured your device, your system, and your samples are secure. Our enclosures are custom built to your specific requirements therefore you have the ability to contain not only a single device for local environment control (e.g. a liquid-handler for vapors or sterility) but also an entire system(s) for total control over environment

Multiple Enclosure Options Containment doesn’t have to be a barrier

We understand that you, like other customers, have varied needs. For this reason, you now have the option of multiple containment types through HighRes: solid-wall, light curtains, interlocks, pressure mats, and any combination thereof.

Certified Our systems have their papers

Every country and every company has its specific safety requirements.No matter where you do your research, you can be assured that your HighRes systems will meet the required safety regulations. This can include CE/TUV certification marks, machinery directives, robot safety, and electro-mechanical safety. No matter the requirement HighRes has a thorough range of safety solutions to meet your needs.

Enclosure options and features:

  • Enclosures are sealed, to allow for temperature, gas and humidity control
  • Enclosures can maintain positive or negative pressures
  • The Biosafety Level 2 enclosure features negative pressure with inlet and outlet HEPA filters
  • LightSmart - alter the enclosure’s optical properties from 60% light transmissive to less than 3% transmissive in 5 minutes
  • VHP gassing for viral or bacterial testing
  • Dry air or N2 for compound replication
  • Certifications available
  • Enclosures are compatible with all components of HighRes robotic systems

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