T CellTM

Table-Based Automation

HighRes' TCell is raising the bar for table-based laboratory automation. It has the most advanced lab robot, the greatest instrument access, the most compact design, and is driven by the industry's best software. TCell is available in a variety of table sizes and with a variety of robots to accommodate your processes.

Enclosure Options

TCell protects both lab personnel and assays with a variety of enclosure options. BSL2, HEPA filtration, laminar flow, temperature and humidity control, LightSmart smart glass darkening panels, positive or negative pressure...HighRes can provide virtually any combination of environmental controls your research requires.

Best-in-Class Software

Run it all with Cellario, the most powerful and flexible scheduling software available. The software has been optimized so that virtually any lab technician is able to run the most complicated process, simply and reproducibly.

Under-Table Storage

Locating all your plate storage on the table top can result in a crowded system with not much on it besides plate storage. TCell's under-table storage design makes it more compact and more functional than any other table system.

Add HighRes Modularity with MicroDock

For the ultimate in flexibility, add a MicroDock to TCell. Then you can swap out readers, incubators, pipettors, or any other devices you'd like to add and remove from the system on a regular basis.

Configurations Summary

We call TCell the most advanced table-based laboratory
automation system for many reasons. In addition to the
under-table storage, the vertical-slide access doors,and the
three-axis device platforms, TCell was designed with flexibility
in mind. Depending on how much capacity, storage,throughput, and flexibility you need, HighRes can build TCell in a wide variety of configurations.


Download the TCell brochure.