Mission & Vision


We improve human health through life science robotics

  • Scientists and Robotics Working Together

    Automation designed to let scientists focus on science, while robots do the routine tasks

  • Modularity and Mobility

    Architecture rooted in flexibility that can adapt as your science evolves

  • Science, Not Computer Science

    System software made so simple and easy to use, it does not require specialized knowledge


We are working in an amazing time of rapid biological and automation advancement.

  • First, driven by a wide range of new techniques, biological science is undergoing a renaissance unlike any other period in history. From synthetic biology to CRISPR to the explosion of large molecule development to personalized therapies like CAR-T, new science is exploding.

  • Second, robotic and automation technologies are improving at staggering rates. Collaborative robots have both fundamentally changed how automation is designed and greatly expanded the range of tasks addressable with robots. Sensing, vision, mobility, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are all driving advancements across industries, including biological science.

  • As the technology leader in biopharmaceutical automation, we believe in a future where scientists and robots work together to discover new therapies, faster and more cost effectively than ever before. Robots have the power to let scientists focus on science, which ultimately will drive improvements in human health.

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