HighRes Biosolutions Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Applications Support When You Need It 

As each of you are a part of the HighRes family, we wanted to reach out to you regarding the situation with COVID-19.  We know many of our clients are taking measures to ensure their employees’ safety, while some of our clients have been impacted by COVID-19.   Our heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone effected by this global health crisis. 

In this dynamic time, each of us work in an industry that could have an impact on the discovery of a cure or therapy for COVID-19.  At HighRes, we want to do our part to assist our family members frantically working towards COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.  We will be happy to provide additional applications support, free of charge, to those of you working on your HighRes system in an effort to develop a cure for COVID-19.  We also have options for fast turn Primes and systems depending on the situation.  

Please feel free to contact us directly in relation to our offer at covid-19@highresbio.com.  We are here to support you! 

 Our Continuous Efforts to Support You 

As an organization, we are closely monitoring the global Coronavirus pandemic, and its impact on both our employees and, you, our customers. Our general policy is to follow government or state advice with regards to the travel of our employees, and to prioritize their health and safety.

We want to keep you informed of how we are approaching this crisis. This situation is very fluid, and it is likely to evolve rapidly over the coming days and weeks. We will maintain our communication with you along the way.

A current summary of the state of play can be found below: 

  • Effective March 16th, we implemented a work from home policy at both our US and UK offices. We have assessed our workforce and grouped by ability to work from home, or whether office presence is required. For employees who must work in the office, we are implementing social distancing and enhanced sanitation practices. At all times, in both the UK and US offices, we will have at least one member of our leadership team present. Our goal is ensuring continuity of business function, as well as playing our part in the overall health of our community by attempting to slow the spread of the virus 
  • Our UK and US remote support capabilities remain at full function. We are also able to ship all parts from both UK and US warehouses. We are unable to travel to certain countries/states/sites and will be sending out direct communication if that impacts you and your facility. We are also taking the decision to deprioritize non-essential work such as Preventative Maintenance visits, and will be communicating directly with you in that case 
  • We are continuing to build, and install where possible, our systems and devices. We have more stringent requirements for partners that need to visit HighRes for instrument unpack, setup, and packing. Please coordinate with your HighRes contact to ensure that we can support your efforts in a safe and coordinated fashion. If you need to visit us, you will be required to fill out this visitor registration form 
  • For certain active projects, it will not be possible for us to travel to your site to perform the scheduled work. If you are impacted by this, your project manager will contact you directly 
  • We are intending to maintain operational capacity to execute all scheduled Factory Acceptance Tests in Beverly. Your project manager will contact you to discuss your attendance in Beverly for this step in your project 
  • We are working closely with our key suppliers to ensure continuity of supply into our project build and support parts inventories 

Please be assured of our intention to offer you the best level of service we can during this challenging time. If you have any questions, please contact either your Service, Account or Project Manager. We wish you, your colleagues, and your families good health.

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