SLAS2018 Product Recap

Shining light on some of the coolest products we saw at SLAS2018

Each year SLAS gives us the opportunity to showcase our innovative new products and technologies to our peers, but also gives us the opportunity to see how others are taking the industry by storm. This year, instead of recapping and focusing on our own products, we wanted to share with you the products and technologies we thought were cool at SLAS2018. Here are our top nominees for innovation and awesome products, let us know if you agree!

1. dispendix I-DOT One:

The Immediate Drop on Demand Technology (I-DOT) is a new approach for nano- to microliter liquid handling tasks, and uses a patented noncontact pressure based dispensing technology. The general principle is simply based on a hole in the bottom of a microtiter plate well where capillary forces keep the sample liquid in the cavity. Why do we think this is cool?

– Non-contact dispensing
– High precision accuracy
– Low dead volume
– Compatible with multiple solutions
– Flourescence based cell detection
– Volume range from 2 nl to 80µl
– Ultra-high dispensing speed

2. Phytronix Luxon:

The Luxon ionizes samples for Mass Spec.  It uses a technology called Laser Diode Thermal Desorption® (LDTD) which uses a fiber-coupled laser diode.  Unlike other methods to ionize samples for MS, the Luxon can yield high intensity molecular ion signals in less than 1 second per sample. It is compatible with several different Mass Spectrometers, has storage for 96 and 384 well plates, and is mobile.

Why do we think this is cool?

– Less than one second Sample-To-Sample Analysis
– High sensitivity allows for small sample volumes
– Uninterrupted automated workflow
– Powered by Fiber Optic technology
– Quantitative technology for mass spec

3. Solid phase extraction pipette tips by  DPX Technologies

DPX Technologies makes solid phase extraction pipette tips and have various formulations intended to capture compounds of various types. DPX uses pipette tips that incorporate loosely contained sorbent material that is mixed with the sample solution. Their tips are also pipettor agnostic.

Why do we think this is cool?

– Minimal elution solvent volumes
– Rapid extraction times (less than 3 minutes/sample)
– High extraction efficiencies
– Easy to perform extractions
– Higher throughput
– Minimal training required
– Environmentally friendly

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