Unrivaled laboratory automation systems

Laboratory automation systems - collaborative robot

Personalized attention to system design, service and support, to give you world class laboratory automation capabilities

As the global leader in laboratory automation, we take the time to develop a deep understanding of your science before translating it into recommendations for robotic systems, devices, and laboratory workflows.  Our purpose is to facilitate improvements in the way new therapies are discovered by living at the intersection of biological science and robotics.  This approach has allowed us to develop our laboratory automation architecture over many years, and in countless deployments, resulting in the world’s most advanced and most flexible lab automation.

Laboratory automation systems - scientist interacting with robotics

Driven by your science

We take an approach to laboratory automation that is rooted in deep exploration of the your needs, tailoring the solution to your overall goals and scientific requirements.

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Everything we do is rooted in four core principles

  • Modularity

    Reconfigure your systems to make your automation flex as science changes.

  • Collaboration

    Reach in and work together with your robot while the system is running.

  • Efficiency

    Maximize the productive output of your laboratory automation system.

  • Maximize the productive output of your system.

    Take your science with you by easily moving your lab.

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HighRes offers the widest range of laboratory automation systems

Spanning the continuum of systems sizes

Our range is unsurpassed. From small and self-contained to large and complex, we tailor each of our laboratory automation systems to your scientific needs using the same best-in class building blocks. Globally, we have designed and delivered more high-end systems than anyone else.

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Essential pieces of your laboratory automation system

From carousels to centrifuges, we offer a number of components to use with laboratory automation systems to perform a variety of operations.

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