Titian Software and HighRes Biosolutions close a gap in compound management information flow

Woburn- HighRes Biosolutions and Titian Software have worked closely to enable linkage of Titian’s market leading Mosaic™ sample management software with HighRes’ Cellario™ automation system control software. This close collaboration has resulted in the integration of Mosaic’s powerful inventory control and sample tracking with the potent laboratory automation capabilities of Cellario.

This collaborative effort closes a gap in compound management information flow by facilitating direct communication between Titian’s widely used Mosaic sample management system and Cellario’s dynamic scheduling software. The net result is to provide users with a seamless and much more efficient workflow. Titian’s new Cellario Fulfillment Module (CFM) interfaces with HighRes’ Cellario Order Broker™ (COB) to simplify the entire process of sample preparation, including labware placement, consumables loading, and liquid handling.

Ira Hoffman, Managing Director of HighRes Biosolutions declared: “We are excited to work with Titian on this development. We believe that this software integration, which has resulted in the development of the Cellario Order Broker™, will allow our customers to focus on their business, and not on the details of the integration between these two informatics platforms. This should result in significant time savings in translating the planned work into actual production with results – physical and logical – being reported and tracked in real time. The resulting Cellario Order Broker’s upfront order validation will ensure accurate, efficient, error-free processing from Mosaic orders.”

Edmund Wilson, CEO and Founder of Titian Software added: “By working together with HighRes, we have allowed their range of automation systems to be leveraged within Mosaic sample preparation workflows. We know that this collaboration will provide significant time savings and improve operational efficiency for our shared Compound Management customers. This capability gives the Compound Management user total visibility and traceability of their samples from initial compound request through to assay plate creation.”

About HighRes Biosolutions
HighRes Biosolutions is a global leader for laboratory automation solutions. The company designs and builds innovative laboratory automation systems, dynamic scheduling software, and lab automation instruments that accelerate and streamline discovery. HighRes offers highly flexible, modular solutions that provide its clients with the ability to scale and reconfigure their automation equipment as their assays or technology changes. For more information, please visit www.highresbio.com.

About Titian Software
Titian Software was founded in 1999 and specializes in sample management. We offer software products and consultancy services that help our clients to improve the supply of samples (compounds, biologicals and reagents) to their vital research processes. Titian Software is committed to upholding strong customer relationships. With presence in Europe, the United States and the Far East, Titian serves a growing, global customer base ensuring that all customers have easy access to expertise and support. Trusted by pharma, biotech and CRO institutions worldwide, the Mosaic software suite can be a solution for single or multi-site organizations. For more information, please visit www.titian.co.uk

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