Quality is Our Focus

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve human health through life science robotics. We achieve this by providing you with robotic solutions designed to help you deliver products and services to your organization or customers. We accomplish this objective by understanding all applicable requirements and our commitment to robust product design, rigorous process controls, continuous improvement and teamwork.

Our Core Values

Flexibility: We adapt as necessary to changing conditions and circumstances, acknowledging the reality that disorder is pervasive, even as we battle it. We also give employees room to make choices and respect those choices within the context of responsibility and teamwork.

Innovation: We look for ways to improve the world and are willing to take intelligent risks to do so. We believe in groundbreaking approaches to products and processes.

Respect: We recognize and embrace each individual’s qualities, opinions, beliefs and working styles, and interact with this recognition in mind. We seek a breadth of perspectives, and actively strive to bring them to our workplace.

Responsibility: We are accountable for the outcome of our own work, empowering each other with the tools and the independence to succeed.

Teamwork: We work together, not apart, to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

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HighRes Biosolutions is ISO 9001 certified

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