SteriStore™ Automated Laboratory Incubator

Your premiere choice for a cell culture incubator, tissue culture incubator, or for an automated lab incubator.

TundraStore with door open


Sterilizes itself with dry heat – over 150 C for 3 hours and is the only validated sterilization procedure of any market available incubator. It exceeds even the most stringent dry heat sterilization protocols, killing even extremophiles and prions.


Insulated with aerogel (also known as frozen smoke), the lowest-density solid and best insulator known to man.

Comprised of air pores trapped in a dendritic microstructure, aerogel blocks all three forms of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation.

Dual sets of doors minimize exposure of the automated incubators internal chamber to the environment.


With up to six separate transfer nests, SteriStore is the most efficient lab incubator for your process.

An auto-id of barcoded plate stackers prevents crashing due to configuration mistakes.

SteriStore incubator with door closed


Navigate from set up to teaching to operation with ease.

Quickly access run data and environmental history.

Network with Ethernet communications.

Comes standard as CO2 incubator ready.

Web-based temperature and gas-level monitoring.

Email alerts of alarm conditions.

Additional Features

  • Load up to 462 or 924 standard microplates in an incredibly small footprint
  • Efficient workflow management
  • Integrated barcode scanning for fast inventory tracking
  • Easy to load and remove stackers
  • Compatible with MicroCart™ and MicroDock™
  • Available with portrait or landscape presentation
  • Configure up to six input/output nests at any height
  • Sophisticated control system with graphical environmental history


SteriStore D SteriStore M
Dimensions (H x W x L) 1397 x 864 x 914 mm
55 x 34 x 36 in
1930 x 864 x 914 mm
76 x 34 x 36 in
Weight (empty) 436 kg
962 lbs
601 kg
1324 lbs
Capacity 14 hotels
462 1536-well plates
336 96/384-well plates
140 Deep-well plates
28 hotels
924 1536-well plates
672 96/384-well plates
280 Deep-well plates
Power 120/240VAC
Compressed Air 552 kPa
80 psi
552 kPa
80 psi
Communications Ethernet Ethernet
Temperature Range 4 to 100°C 4 to 100°C
Humidity Range RH up to 98% RH up to 98%
Sterilization Cycle Over 150°C for 3 hours Over 150°C for 3 hours
Gas Options CO2 injection
N2 injection
CO2 injection
CO2 injection
N2 injection
CO2 injection
Inventory Tracking Options Fast automated barcode scanner Fast automated barcode scanner

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