Flexible laboratory automation


The dynamic laboratory, powered by flexible automated R&D systems, is the Holy Grail in life sciences research. The capability to expand and repurpose your modular robotic system, integrate your lab processes, and increase lab capacity on demand provides you with an unprecedented ability to accelerate your research.


The universe is in flux, and that especially applies to your lab workflows. MicroStar — the ultimate modular robotic system — enables you to build the most flexible and dynamic laboratory ever. Swap instruments almost instantly to change your lab device configurations, without having to reteach the robot or reconnect instruments. MicroStar’s simple yet ingenious design enables you to tailor your modular robotic system to fit your changing automated processes by allowing you to easily add, remove and relocate material and devices.


As your processes require more throughput and greater complexity, MicroStar’s scalable architecture helps you grow gracefully. Increase your lab capacity, and increase lab throughput efficiently as HighRes® can integrate a MicroStar with other MicroStars or other HighRes systems (ACell, TCell or NanoCell) – making this modular robotic system true flexible laboratory automation like you’ve never seen.

Key Features

  • Easily expand in the future by linking
    additional systems to your existing system
  • Runs with Cellario™ scheduling software
    (with full error recovery and over 100 device drivers)
  • Available in 6-sided, 9-sided or 12-sided configuration
  • Flexible laboratory automation
  • Repurpose lab systems on the fly
  • Plug and play lab devices

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