Unrivaled laboratory automation systems

Laboratory automation systems - collaborative robot

They don't stop for breaks. They don't take a call. Robots are relentless

  • Increased Uptime

    Since robots do not stop for breaks, or to take a call, you can get more experiments done per hour.

  • Parallel Processing

    Our automation software can keep track of multiple parallel activities, increasing throughput.

  • Extended Work Hours

    Automation allows work to happen when scientists are not present, extending usable work hours.

  • Data Capture

    A robotic system is able to log all parameters, and results, with no human error.

  • Sample Uniformity

    Elimination of human variability ensures experiment conditions are maintained.

  • Batch and Queue

    Stage experiments in automated queues to allow no downtime between experiments.

  • Waste Elimination

    Compact footprints and optimized movement paths eliminate common sources of system waste.

  • System Linkages

    Connect your LIMS system directly to your automation platform for seamless information flow.

A HighRes Bio system

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