About Us

HighRes believes in a future where scientists and robots work together. As the technology leader in lab automation, we believe in a future where scientists and robots collaborate to discover new solutions, faster than ever before.  

Our laboratory automation systems and devices provide you with the ability to scale and reconfigure automation systems as technologies change. These systems let scientists focus on what they do best, driving discoveries and improving human health.  

Our commitment to robust product design, rigorous process controls, continuous improvement, and teamwork is how we take you there. 

Core Values

  • Flexibility: We adapt, overcome, and conquer. With modular, mobile solutions, we can pivot in response to shifting, real-world circumstances. 
  • Innovation: We look for ways to improve the world. With a groundbreaking approach to product and process, we do that daily. 
  • Respect: We know that your organization comes to the table with unique needs, qualities, opinions, and working styles. We recognize and embrace different perspectives. 
  • Responsibility: We are responsible for the success of our systems and devices, with the goal of empowering you with tools to succeed. 
  • Teamwork: We’re on your side. When we work together, we can solve your problems efficiently and effectively. 

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Get in touch with us at sales@highresbio.com, or call us at 781.932.1912. We look forward to hearing from you!

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