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Covid-19 Research and Testing

Coronavirus research and testing capabilities are critical for the vitality of public health

Molecular Research and Testing >

Deploy the HighRes nucleic acid extraction and RT-PCR factory automation to increase your capabilities.

Serological Research and Testing >

Screen patient samples using ELISA based diagnostic kits.

Accelerating Drug Discovery

Develop lead drug candidates with high throughput interrogation of diverse chemical and protein libraries.

Sample production

Automate upfront chemical synthesis and protein production processes for downstream testing. Employ modular systems to yield molecules from a variety of approaches, from combinatorial chemistry, hybridoma, display technologies and more .

High Throughput Screening >

High throughput full and partial library screening for large and small molecule development.

Lead Optimization >

Modify and screen lead variants in high throughput, PCR-enabled systems.


Efficiently define drug-like properties prior to advancing clinical candidates, including high throughput PAMPA and Caco assays.

Genomics Analysis: Paving the Way

Support genomic analysis with DNA processing and assay prep automation up to fully integrated library preparation workflows.

Nucleic Acid Extraction >

Dedicated sample processing systems to yield genomic material for downstream analysis and operations.


Kit-compatabile automation enabling high throughput, comparative genomic analysis.

PCR and Reaction Setup >

Prepare and mix reagents for PCR preparation leveraging liquid handling automation.

NGS Library Preparation >

Integrated systems for library preparation workflows, spanning extraction, clean up and quantification to archiving, kit construction and pooling readouts.

AgBio >

Devices and systems meeting unique agricultural sample requirements, from DNA extraction to genomic analysis and screening.

Sample Management

Automated storage, retrieval and tracking for chemical and biological samples.

Sample Replication >

Prepare daughter plates for your colleagues within any plate format.

Sample Hit Picking >

Select and transfer samples of interest to your screening colleagues.

Data Management >

Move to data driven research.

Sample Storage and Distribution >

Seamlessly deploy samples from long term storage to any automation platform without touch your samples.

Scaling Cellular Biology

Comprehensive automation for transfection, gene editing, clonal selection, characterization, and expansion.

Cell Culture >

Develop cell-based research candidates and reagents via integrated cell culture workflows.

Cell Line Development >

Identify clones of interest for high volume protein production with seamless automation from transfection through screening.

Cell Based Assays and Screening >

Automate complex protocols to promote throughput and accuracy in labor-intensive cell-based assays.

Cloning and Transfection >

Streamline upstream cellular preparation processes through dedicated DNA introduction and cell transformation modules.

Applied Technologies

Automation for upstream genomics workflows and downstream biological production for design, build, test, and learn workflows.

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Synthetic Biology >

Automation for upstream genomic workflows and downstream biological production.

Proteomics >

Enabling technologies for protein biology research and mass-spec based screening methodologies.

Emerging Areas >

Continued development of technology to meet researcher’s most imminent needs, spanning application in both research and commercial services. Recent examples include immunology R&D and diagnostic testing.

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