At almost 8 billion people, the world is changing. Climate change concerns have spiked, and it’s hard for many to get enough food.  

What’s the answer? Agricultural biotechnology (“AgBio”). This branch of experimental biology is focused on improving productivity. Many sciences fall under this category. For instance, crop sciences help increase the productivity of cultured plants by providing pesticides, breeding seeds for more resistant genes, and more. This produces more reliable, high-quality food for people. 

Agricultural biotechnology is increasingly optimized and automated. Farming is no longer a low-tech industry, and that means millions of data points are available to improve processes and promote sustainability. With tech-oriented, automated solutions, productivity, health, and food security can be achieved.  

That’s the goal of our robotic solutions. We lead the way when it comes to driving research to meet the needs of an ever-increasing population. With the technology necessary to achieve remarkable agricultural discoveries, our systems provide scalable, customizable AgBio automation solutions.  

Our systems are laser-focused on the early research and screening stages of agricultural biotechnology. For instance, performing assays with seed phenotyping is a primary example is how our solutions are contributing to sustainable food sources for a growing global population. With our integrated automation systems, you can accelerate discovery for agriculture, animal health, biofuels, and so much more—while still prioritizing precision, speed, and flexibility. 

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