Automated Cell Culture Systems

What are automated cell culture systems? These integrated systems mastermind the entire process of growing and maintaining cell cultures.

This includes:

  • Diluting samples
  • Plating cells
  • Putting cultures in wells
  • Growing cultures in media, with shaking and agitation when needed
  • Controlling and adjusting the environment’s temperature
  • Tracking cells with cameras, microscopes, and other imaging tools

These systems are particularly valuable in labs that prioritize drug discovery, cell biology, CRISPR, and a wide range of clinical studies. With the ability to reduce human error and manhours, automated systems are crucial.

However, large-scale coordination of the isolation and growth of cells in a controlled, sterile environment with temperature and humidity control can be daunting. To combat this, HighRes Cell Culture systems are designed to meet your individual needs and reach your automation goals. Customizable cell culture parameters can help increase throughput and decrease wasted time.

We have deployed solutions for our customers that automate both cell culture and cell-based assays, systems designed to perform cell seeding, cell dosing, and more.

These protocols typically require automated liquid handling to perform selective pipetting serial dilutions during the dosing process, while also adding both positive and negative controls in the cell plate.

Cell culture systems that focus on CRISPR work, can be designed to perform gene editing and isolation. This process enables downstream functional assays that highlight whether certain genes are critical to specific functions, diseases, or pathways. This is revolutionary in the worlds of crop science and regenerative medicine.

Our systems can also be designed to incorporate HighRes MicroDock and MicroCart technology allowing clients to exchange cell lines by exchanging incubators actively on the system. Some of our clients also use the MicroCart technology to reconfigure their systems to perform RNAi screening.

With integrated automation, Cell lines can be cultured over multiple weeks, and interleaved for maximum throughput.

Reporting accurate entity data back to LIMS is critical for managing long term Cell Culture processes, and with our open API architecture and deep expertise in LIMS integration, HighRes offers many options for successful integration of both the assays and the associated meta-data in the Cell Culture process.

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