Covid-19 Research and Testing

Research and Testing

The choice of chemistry and devices is yours

We have developed highly flexible, modular Covid-19 research and testing robotic solutions that allow scientists to scale and adapt. With HighRes automation you truly have a device and chemistry agnostic solution that will evolve with your changing needs over time.

RNA Extraction Factory (Molecular)​

Inputs: > Patient sample minus swab in 0.5mL Matrix Tubes w/screw caps
> Controls
Outputs: > Extracted viral RNA in 96 well plates with controls​
> Waste​
Batch Size: > 44 x 96 well plates
Batch Duration: > 3.25 hours​
Samples/24hr/System: > ~42,000​
Notes: > Extraction process streams across the Bravos​
> Design was based on customers existing equipment
> System throughput is dependent on the chemistry kit and devices chosen

RT-PCR Factory (Molecular)

Each patient sample tested against common and novel coronavirus​​

Inputs: ​ > Extracted Viral RNA with Controls in 96 well plates​
> 84 well PCR plates
Outputs: > Client test data ​
Batch Size: > 12X 384 well PCR plates
Batch Duration: > 3 hours, 30 minutes​
Samples/24hr/System: > ~40,000​
Notes: > Design was based on customers existing equipment

ELISA Factory (Serological)​​

Based on Wantai SARS-CoV-2 Ab ELISA​​

Inputs: ​ > 1 mL 96 deep well plates of serum​​
Outputs: > ELISA result per serum sample
Batch Size: > 50 x 96 well plates
Batch Duration: > 10 hours​
Samples/24hr/System: > ~11,000
Notes: > Example design, much higher throughput platform possible
> Design was based on customers existing kit

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