Nucleic Acid Extraction

Nucleic acid extraction is the most significant process in molecular biology. The need for quality and high yield is necessary for downstream processes and product development for analytical and preparative experiments. Automated methods have provided the industry the confidence that the quality, yield and sample size meets the end users process needs.

  • Nucleid extraction system overhead view
  • Nucleid extraction system three quarter view

NGS library preparation can be a time consuming, arduous process. This system design addresses the creation, extension, exo and PCR assembly processes within the library preparation. The client can perform one continuous protocol or break up the workflow into single segments thus allowing for interleaved protocols depending on their current workload requirements. The system’s SteriStore is used as an oven to cook DNA. For precious reagents such as Mastermix, the system incorporates a low dead volume dispenser to reduce cost and waste.

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