Synthetic Biology Automation

Synthetic biology is disrupting the market as we know it, aiming to make the engineering of biological systems easier and more predictable. HighRes’® automation systems offer unparalleled solutions to the synthetic biology community so that they can continue their attempts to change the way we create energy, produce food, and detect, prevent, and cure diseases.

  • Schematic view of synthetic biology automation system
  • profile view of synthetic biology automation system

This system design employs a HighRes CoLAB Flex™ configuration to provide an extremely instrument dense and portable acoustic replication platform. The configuration contains all device peripherals to perform any plate based acoustic replication scenario ranging from stamping to cherry picking to dose  response creation with all requisite pre and post transfer steps, e.g. sealing, peeling, solvent addition, centrifugation, etc. The cart configuration allows you to run this as a standalone system with lower labware storage capacity, to run this connected to storage devices to increase run time [e.g. docked against a TundraStore that houses a sample library] or to be connected to a screening or other purpose platform.

Combining the design of the Acoustic Replication CoLAB Flex with Cellario Services APIs allows you to create a versatile fleet of replication platforms that integrate seamlessly with your Enterprise Informatics Infrastructure or hand crafted LIMS solutions. The modern and easy to use APIs allow for the creation of runs with your specific work details. Simply send your printing requests over the services layer and have the desired plates produced.

  • Mobile synthetic biology automation system schematic
  • Mobile synthetic biology system profile rendering

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