Automated Liquid Handling, Redefined

Scientist operating automated liquid handling equipment

Our design features offer a multitude of benefits over traditional liquid handlers

  • No wait time

    Prime™ is always working in parallel, so that the pipette head no longer has to wait for your samples to be delivered to the deck.

  • Reusable across labware

    Intuitive software allows method designers to develop templates that can be reused in any situation and without explicitly defining labware.

  • No straining required

    Designed by users, Prime allows for 360 degrees of access to its deck and storage, minimizing the need for you to crawl, contort or stretch.

  • Space saving

    Prime is significantly more compact than traditional horizontally-oriented liquid handlers. It fits next to your lab bench rather than taking it over.

  • Super flexibile

    Prime maximizes throughput and flexibility by enabling on the fly changes to accommodate various plate formats and dispensing volumes.

  • Easy to use

    Our software combines an easy-to-navigate UI and intuitive method design, allowing you to focus on your science not on the computer.

  • Stores more

    The underdeck can store more labware than any other liquid handler.

  • Adaptable to your science

    Prime can be used as a standalone device, complete integrated system, or docked onto your system to suit your scientific needs.

  • Infinite integrations

    Containing industry leading scripting and web service APIs, supporting any type of integration you can imagine.

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