Automated Liquid Handling, Redefined

Scientist operating automated liquid handling equipment

Software that makes the design and execution of your science easy

Effortlessly view and understand what is occurring with Prime™, while monitoring and modifying functions when you need to.

Featuring a graphical interface

  • Head map interface
  • Method designer interface
  • Support tool interface
  • Deck viewer interface
Method designer application

Simple, yet powerful

Imagine being able to visually interpret your protocol without having to review the parameters. Prime’s software, Solution® provides you with the ability to create visually interpretive workflows.

Software application interface

Intuitive UI

Navigate tabs to easily develop and manipulate your protocol, giving users quick start up time to running your methods.

Labware agnostic software user interface

Labware agnostic

Create methods without explicitly indicating the exact labware type you want to use.

Analysis tools software interface

Analysis tools

Tired of watching a 3D model of your liquid handler? Want to know how your samples will really be handled? Use qualitative and quantitative analysis tools to ensure sample uniformity across your method.

Web Service API software interface

Web services and API exposure

Supports any type of LIMS integration or customization you can imagine, enabling you the ability to go beyond the standard features.

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