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Prime Automated Liquid Handling

Relentlessly different. Laboratory Automation from a new perspective.

Key Design Elements

At HighRes, our Prime objective is to unite powerful laboratory automation technologies and high performing features to propel your next scientific breakthrough.

Experience the competitive edge that these key design elements bring to your workflow.

Mobile & Modular Laboratory Automation For Those Who Value Innovative Design

Automated workstations with a vertical perspective

Conserve your valuable lab space with the ultra-compact vertical orientation of Prime.

Automated ‘systems’ approach unleashes massive workflow productivity

Free yourself from the drudge of pipetting and sample processing manually or using conventional, semi-automated liquid handlers. Instead, equip yourself with Prime’s dynamic deck, interchangeable pipettors, and collaborative robotic arms. Easily surround yourself with a bespoke multi-tool automated laboratory system – expanding your off-deck workflow is a breeze with Prime.

Process automation on the move

Unconstrained by proximity, Prime’s easy-glide wheels bring automation efficiency to you. Move Prime around the lab as a standalone pipetting device or easily integrate it in your personalized HighRes laboratory automation ecosystem.

Exclusive MicroDock™ craftsmanship

Stand out from the rest by leveraging Nucleus® MicroDock automation architecture, which features a simple foot pedal to instantly connect power, data, and utilities, to take Prime from a standalone reagent dispenser to the hub of an automated liquid handling ecosystem.

Innovation That Drives Productivity

As the first lab in France to work with Prime, we were attracted to the liquid handler’s compact vertical design, integrated labware management carousel, and ease of use with other devices. HighRes Biosolutions was a reliable and effective partner, enabling us to develop the Galapagos Compound Management Lab and our related screening programs significantly.

Eric Fauquemont, Team Leader, Compound Managment

Space saving

Super flexible

Adaptable to your science

Infinite integrations

Streamline Workflows, Reduce Errors, And Free Up Your Team To Meet High Throughput Demands.

Automation Bounded By Scientific Curiosity, Not Deck Size

Robotic workstations reshape space to expand your possibilities/strong>

Scale your Prime as needed and configure your workspace with a wide variety of tools to achieve your perfect trinity of performance, time savings, and cost-efficiency.

Liquid dispensing with a dynamic deck design

With bold yet functional style, Prime removes time-consuming consumable loading bottlenecks and boosts rapid liquid handling performance. This feat is achieved via two independent and dynamic trays that move in parallel between the labware loading and pipetting positions.

Convenient automated underdeck carousel takes labware management and access to the next level

Nestled under the liquid handling deck is a spacious carousel with both random and non-random labware access and barcode scanning built in. In addition to enabling ample storage and a more compact deck, this feature increases walk-away time so you can attend to higher value tasks or take a well-deserved break.

Automated workflow strength in collaboration

Prime’s high-end collaborative robotic arm allows you to reach into the system while it performs on its own and in concert with other devices. It can also continuously replenish labware as needed, even while the pipetting robot is dispensing liquid or swapping heads, further minimizing unproductive downtime.

No wait time

No straining required

Space saving

Vast storage

Pipetting Technology Powerhouse Conveys Its Strength Through Trueness, Precision, And Accuracy

Liquid handling maxim: multiple heads are better than one

Push the limits of your innovation–and your plate densities–with up to four interchangeable pipette heads. Each is masterfully designed to reach all deck positions and tuck away securely when not in use.

96 Multi-Channel
384 Multi-Channel
Independent Z-8 Channel

Experience more by switching

Achieve celebrity status by expanding your production and assay range. Quickly, easily change out the interchangeable pipette heads for a massive volume range. Rapidly compress or expand between plate types or replicate within a single plate density. And use Prime to cherry pick wells to your heart’s content.

Legendary 1536 strength

Prime slots impressively into production workflows with 1536-well pipetting. No loud clipping, just robust and repeatable performance time and time again.

Savor the walkaway lifestyle

Batch or continuous parallel processing, it’s your preference. Either way, Prime takes care of tedious repetitive tasks–and does so with high precision and accuracy–so that you are free to apply your specialized expertise elsewhere. Simply program and walk away.

Peak pipette tip versatility

Tip Type 30 µL 70 µL 220 µL 1000 µL
Sterile Option x x x x
Filter Tip Option x x x x
Wide Bore Option x x
Format Option 96 & 384 96 & 384 24 & 96 24 & 96
Compatibility 384_70
MC Head: iZ8_70
MC Head: iZ8_70
MC Head: iZ8_220
MC Head: iZ8_1000

Impressive pipette tip performance

96 Heads (Both 220 uL and 1000 uL Types
iZ8 Heads
384 Heads (70 uL Type)


Head & Tip Type Volume Range (µL) Test Volume (µL) Precision (%) CV (%)
220 µL 1-220 1 5.0 <2
22 2.0 <2
110 1.5 <2
220 1.5 <2
1000 µL 5-1000 5 2.0 <2
100 2.0 <2
500 1.5 <2
1000 1.5 <2
30 µL 0.5-70 0.5 8.0 <2
3 2.0 <2
15 1.5 <2
30 1.5 <2
70 µL 0.5-70 0.5 8.0 <2
7 2.0 <2
35 1.5 <2
70 1.5 <2
70 µL / 30 µL 1-30 1 5.0 <5
3 2.0 <5
15 1.5 <5
30 1.5 <5
70 µL / 70 µL 1-70 1 5.0 <5
7 2.0 <5
35 1.5 <5
70 1.5 <5
220 µL / 220 µL 1-220 1 5.0 <5
22 2.0 <5
110 1.5 <5
220 1.5 <5
1000 µL / 1000 µL 5-1000 5 5.0 <5
100 2.0 <5
500 1.5 <5
1000 1.5 <5

No wait time

Batch to parallel




Automate Labware Access For Extreme Production Agility

Pipetting robot service space shaped for outstanding performance

Maximize convenience and walkaway time with the high capacity, underdeck-mounted carousel; with storage space for up to 580 plates, random and non-random access, and barcode scanning.

Automation all access pass

Expand the limits of what’s possible with 360 degrees of access to the Prime deck and service carousel. Every pipetting head accesses every deck position, and an onboard collaborative robot can serve off-line devices and storage.

Process workflow safety infused in every interaction

A safe user is a productive user. Prime’s operation is paused when Prime’s front and side gantry/pipettor doors are opened. The lower door opening pauses Prime’s operation when the carousel or on- and off-deck transport arm are operating. Both measures work to prevent accidents that impede productivity.

No straining required


Vast storage

Collaborative robot transport

Dynamic tray loading & pipetting

Streamline Workflows, Reduce Errors, And Free Up Your Team To Meet High Throughput Demands.

Intense Liquid Handling Power Starts With A Calculating Genius

  • Software img

    Robotic Solution Software at your command

    Sit back and relax while Solution propels your intentions into reality. Solution software and its tabbed graphic user interface are designed around common sense and the scientific process. This means that advanced users and novices alike can easily develop, edit, simulate, and implement workflows with simple, intuitive drag-and-drop input.

  • Software img

    Behold your masterful lab automation workflow

    Solution’s dashboard provides real-time information so you can effortlessly track and view progress. The dashboard may also be used to start, stop, modify, or pause operations at any time.

  • Software img

    Liquid handling software that is so simple, yet so powerful

    With Solution software, you will promptly access and generate truly iconic and visually interpretive workflows without having to sift through parameters.

  • Software img

    Robotic workflows that are stylishly intuitive

    Fashion methods in Solution software without having to explicitly indicate the exact labware type.

  • Software img

    The essence of bold analysis

    3D models are so yesterday. Remain at the cutting edge with qualitative and quantitative analysis tools to ensure sample uniformity across your distinct sample processing methods.

  • Software img

    Harmonize with the ‘in crowd’

    Solution software stands apart from the rest, and yet still smoothly mingles with others when it comes to LIMS integrations and customizations.

  • Software img

    Automation know-how to stay inspired and in the know

    See more >

Widely Configurable

Easy to use

Adaptable to your science

Infinite integrations

Automated Sample Processing Accessories With Greatness And Amazing Practicality To Expand Your Robotic Workflow Universe

Configure your exquisite Prime experience

Prime accessories aim to finely tailor your success in applications such as NGS sample prep, ELISA, cell culture, cell-based assays and more. Changing up your workflow? Prime adapts quickly and naturally to your changing environment and needs.

Satisfy your craving

Select from our exclusive collection of intensely functional accessories, or if you prefer, add tools from an almost endless list of supported third-party vendors.

Space saving

Super flexible

Adaptable to your science

Infinite integrations

Lab Automation Authorities Passionately By Your Side

Peopleware everywhere

The immersive Prime experience extends beyond hardware and software. HighRes specialists around the world provide services so splendid and detail-focused that they rival that of white glove treatment in the finest establishments.

Automated liquid handling workstations at peak performance

Push past your competition! After the one-year warranty, continue to perform at the top of your game through results-driven service contracts.

Basic Service Coverage (no fee)

Forward compliance hardware upgrades

Solution upgrades up to version 1.10.1

Performance Service Coverage

Basic Coverage plus:

Tray upgrade

Prime and head preventative maintenance

Solution upgrades to current versions

Remote and on-site support

Applications assistance (limited)

Stay ahead of your competition

With a Prime service contract, our service engineers will swap out your existing pipette head with a replacement. Convenience also extends to customers need to retain their original pipette head. Here, we will install your purchased spare head, perform maintenance on the original pipetting head and ship it back to you.

Pipetting confidence from day one

Prime automated liquid handlers come with a one-year warranty (excludes pipette head preventative maintenance) and endless responsiveness.

One call for all

With complete integration of Prime and larger HighRes solutions to Cellario, you don’t have to manage multiple contracts. Instead, one phone call to our support engineers is all you need.

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