Bloomberg Businessweek

These Modular Lab Systems Could Further Automate Drug Development

Modular automation from HighRes Biosolutions lets lab technicians quickly disconnect, move, and reconnect mobile carts containing robotic arms and other devices, expanding the range of experiments that can be performed at a single site. The Benefit One HighRes system can do the work of 20 to 30 lab techs with fewer errors, enabling faster development […]

Wall Street Journal

How Robots Are Making Better Drugs, Faster

Robotic lab techs don’t need to stop for rest. Unlike humans, they can shuttle samples 24/7. Featured on By Daniela Hernandez The scientist hunched over beakers, conducting drug research by hand, may soon be a memory. Companies like Eli Lilly & Co. and GlaxoSmithKline PLC are investing in automation with the hope of transforming […]

Robotics Business Review

Flexibility, Collaboration Key When Building Robots That May Cure Cancer

From Robotics Business Review For biopharmaceutical companies looking to discover the next big breakthrough in the fight against cancer, automating their processes can literally be a matter of life and death. With billions of dollars being spent to research drug discovery, finding ways to more quickly automate research is a high priority. HighRes Biosolutions aims […]


HighRes Biosolutions Modularizes Lab Automation and Favors Collaborative Robotics

Life Sciences Labs Need Cobots, Not Robots The John Henry legend, as told by Johnny Cash, not only recalls a competition between a steel-driving man and a steamdrill, it also suggests that the competition was poorly conceived: John Henry said to the steamdrill, “How is you? / Pardon me, Mister Steamdrill, I suppose you didn’t […]


Liquid Handling Gets Connected

Collaborative robots, ultrasonic acoustic energy, picodroplet technology, and cloud computing are among the technologies advancing liquid handling—simplifying workflows and raising efficiency and productivity levels. These new, often automated, and efficient solutions are frequently enabled by connections—between human operators and robots, among complementary technologies, or via the cloud. Working with robots Massachusetts-based HighRes Biosolutions develops robotic […]

Better Business Journal

HighRes featured in Boston Business Journal Article on Robotics Sector

Robotics sector thrives in Massachusetts as automation firms add to their ranks The “automation innovation” that defined last year’s list of the Largest Robotics Companies in Massachusetts continues to dominate, with nine new companies on our list and hundreds more employees. Click here to read full article Click here to download PDF

Pharmaceutical Processing

HighRes CEO Published in Pharmaceutical Processing

Pharmaceutical Processing: March 2018 Issue features the article Using Robotics and Automation Technology to Control Drug Discovery Costs written by HighRes Bio CEO Peter Harris. Click here to read the article.

Genedata, HighRes Biosolutions, and Titian Software Collaborate for Automated End-to-End Screening Solution

Industry-first vendor-driven integration automates iterative research processes to deliver unprecedented workflow efficiencies for life scientists Basel, Switzerland – Beverly, MA – London, UK – January 24, 2018 — Genedata, HighRes Biosolutions, and Titian Software announce a partnership integrating their flagship products into a seamless solution that automates iterative drug discovery processes for designing and planning, […]

HighRes and Titian Drive Pharma Operational Efficiency Through Robotics and Inventory Logistics

Their combined flexible automation and inventory logistics system delivers significant savings by reducing compound management protocols at major pharma companies. HighRes Biosolutions and Titian Software announce the completion of their joint efforts to bring adaptable and cost-effective sample management capabilities to life scientists, by providing leading-edge automation requiring minimal user input. This close partnership has […]