Drug Target Review Set to Debut Virtual Workshop on Cellario™ October 12, 2022

Drug Target Review, a leading source for news and information in the life sciences industry, has prepared a workshop and tutorial on Cellario™, a laboratory automation software created by HighRes Biosolutions. The event is scheduled for October 12th and will feature a panel of three technical experts and instructors from HighRes Biosolutions. The free and interactive workshop will be performed virtually, allowing attendees to participate in the tutorial from across the globe.

While users are familiar with implementing Cellario as an automation or scheduling software, many are less acquainted with its full features and do not recognize Cellario’s potential as a complete lab partner. The workshop will cover how to achieve full lab connectivity using Cellario to complete fully automated, completely manual, or hybrid workflows.

The following individuals will be presenting during the workshop.

Allison Halleck – HighRes Biosolutions Lead Applications Specialist

Michael Hopkins – HighRes Biosolutions Software Team Lead

Ira Hoffman – HighRes Biosolutions Chief Executive Officer


HighRes® Biosolutions is a leading global laboratory automation company that enables scientists to create data factories connecting their instrumentation with informatics for unprecedented levels of productivity. Our uniquely designed hardware powered by Cellario™, the most robust laboratory software available, empowers you to immediately adapt and re-adapt to your science, your technology, and your organization – wherever in the world you may be. We invite you to design, build and test your experiments. Stream samples uniformly across single and multiple Work Cells. Collaborate. HighRes is total laboratory automation moving at the speed of science.

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