Find Out More About Our Staining Triad Webinar with CHI

For most labs, cytometry staining workflows produce more than stained plates. Plates must be manipulated for each sample, generating significant bio-, plastic, and other waste along with taking hours of your team’s effort and energy. The workflows are not only an obstacle to your lab’s efficiency but are also an environmental and sustainability concern.  

Fortunately, automated workflows such as HighRes Biosolutions Staining Triad can increase productivity while reducing costs, helping to dramatically expand your lab’s overall efficiency. Staining Triad’s fully automated system can aspirate, dispense, and shake plates without manual intervention and does not require plate flicking. In addition to decreasing variability between samples, the staining triad system also reduces the time difference effect between plates.  

To learn more about how staining triad systems can help optimize your labs, you can watch the recording of our combined webinar with Cambridge Healthtech Institute. We’ll cover how the Staining Triad system can be applied across various ligand binding and cell-based assays and how it can save your lab time, money, and effort.  

 HighRes Biosolutions is proud to partner with CHI, an institution dedicated towards bringing innovators, scientists, and life science professionals together to develop tomorrow’s cures and treatments.  

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