HighRes Biosolutions Accelerates Pharmaceutical Research With Automation

HighRes Biosolutions Accelerates Pharmaceutical Research With Automation

As an integrator, HighRes Biosolutions intimately knows its customers’ needs, as the biopharmaceuticals industry looks to save money and speed testing with robots.’

The pharmaceuticals industry is ideal for robotics, requiring precision, repeatability, and strict standards compliance. Scientists working on drug discovery, molecular diagnostics, and other research rely on integrators such as HighRes Biosolutions Inc. for flexible laboratory automation.

In 2004, the company was founded as High Resolution Engineering. Its modular workcells include a central robot “pod” surrounded by carts of devices and test materials, all connected with its patented MicroDock docking station and its Cellario scheduling software. The cells use a variety of robots and sensors.

HighRes Biosolutions has expanded from high-throughput screening and compound management to screening for viruses and bacteria, DNA extraction, and genotyping, among many other lab tasks. As the company puts it, it’s providing “automation to let scientists focus on science, while robots do the routine tasks.”

Robotics Business Review visited HighRes Biosolutions last month in Beverly, Mass.

“We’re focused on the biopharmaceutical market, not the clinical one,” said HighRes Biosolutions CEO Peter Harris. “We’ve developed a ‘pocket knife’ approach, and the dock includes power, Ethernet, and gas hookups. We couldn’t have built such a modular system 10 years ago.”

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